Mein neues Lieblingsbild!Last weekend I visited Esther Binnefeld in her Pfotendorf in the Westerwald. Had not seen Esther for some months and I did welcome the change. Some second thoughts about the travel held me back. The last time Ninja traveled by train he was almost in panic. But, you know, if you never try …


My concerns were swept away within a few minutes as Ninjas nervousness turned into curiosity. The trains were not as packed as during prime time, which helped the situation and Ninja relaxed soon and even began to sleep.

Ninja entspannt beim Zugfahren

The second picture was taken at the busy Frankfurt Central Station, where the passengers arrive from the largest European airport and travel on  all over the country 😀

New Camera

I did not have a camera, and my 50 bucks “smart phone”‘s camera was quite horrible … 320 x 200 pixel movies and 3 (horrible) Mega-pixel meant a whole lot picture editing … Got so tired of it …

2 weeks of thorough evaluating I decided to get the Casio Exilim ZR-300.

I wanted a “small” camera with zoom, full hd video, and the possibility to make series of pictures … It is so difficult to get Ninja when he is running around … But the Exilim is in general very fast and capable of making 30 pictures per second in 16 Mega-pixel Resolution. Perfect to shoot just “that perfect” moment … It can also shoot videos up to 1000 fps, which I thought was very nice for studies about movement, jumps or just “action”-shots.

In addition the price of the Exilim is reduced to less than 50% (costs now 132,99 € from 280 €). In this price-range, unbeatable price/performance ratio … Last but not least the pictures are quite amazing … see below!


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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