Always on the road... or as in this case on the rail
Ninja is always so happy...

Always on the road… or as in this case on the rail . Ninja is always so happy…

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Always on the road… or as in this case on the rail 🐺🚆
Ninja is always so happy when we travel by train. He loves the area I live in, but as soon as he realizes we are walking towards the railway station he stats the zoomies. He states to hop in circles, tip on his legs and wag his whole body left and right and smiles all over his face.
In Germany it is allowed to bring dogs to public transport, if you use a muzzle. Usually it is accepted to take the muzzle off, once the ticket inspector realizes that the dog is harmless and well educated. Sometimes they do not even notice that Ninja is with me. I usually reserve 2 seats next to each other, so Ninja can lay below the seat.
He is such a patient dog in the train 😊 I do not even need to tell him to lay down… Ninja just crawls below the seats and naps…
When we drive to Northern Germany it takes 10 hours by train… I do get restless after 4-5 hours, but Ninja is so relaxed and does not bother…
He knows we are going to do something fun and that is what he is patiently looking forward, to 😊
He is going to have a few really nice days… Same hopefully goes for You, crossing my fingers 😊😊


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  1. @idenayala It is not a good harness, so I rather not recommend it. I use it only for train rides, because of the handle.

  2. @idenayala The strap that goes around the shoulders block the motion of a dog… So it looks pretty, but if you have a dog that pulls, it is not good.

  3. @lindsbenzo Steht in den Beförderungsbedingungen der Bahn.

  4. When you say you reserve two extra seats, does this mean you buy two extra tickets or…?

  5. @joyzillas_world_fotografie Haha, ich bestehe immer dass beide Tickets entwertet werden… dann wundern die Schaffner sich und entdecken den Hund unterm Sitz

  6. @sahil_narula_7 Oh, 2 tickets total… One for me and a separate kids ticket at 50% for Ninja.

  7. Would love to see Ninja crawls underneath the seat! That would be soo cute!♡♡♡

  8. When we were in Germany visiting friends, I was surprised you can take dogs almost anywhere..even the zoo. Every dog we saw was well trained and polite.

  9. I have a feeling Kota would be terrified because she has never been up close to one. The sounds busses make when she goes to the bus stop with me scare her already

  10. The only train Laika has been on is a sight seeing one! But she is the most well behaved, chill dog ever, she just lays at my feet. Even in busy places or for a long time. Unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on transit here unless they are in a carrier on your lap.

  11. @ninja.vom.wolfstor You two are very lucky to have each other. Obviously you were meant to be together! I’m so happy when an animal has a wonderful life…they all deserve it! ❤️

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