Always on the road... or as in this case on the rail
Ninja is always so happy...

Always on the road… or as in this case on the rail . Ninja is always so happy…

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Always on the road… or as in this case on the rail 🐺🚆
Ninja is always so happy when we travel by train. He loves the area I live in, but as soon as he realizes we are walking towards the railway station he stats the zoomies. He states to hop in circles, tip on his legs and wag his whole body left and right and smiles all over his face.
In Germany it is allowed to bring dogs to public transport, if you use a muzzle. Usually it is accepted to take the muzzle off, once the ticket inspector realizes that the dog is harmless and well educated. Sometimes they do not even notice that Ninja is with me. I usually reserve 2 seats next to each other, so Ninja can lay below the seat.
He is such a patient dog in the train 😊 I do not even need to tell him to lay down… Ninja just crawls below the seats and naps…
When we drive to Northern Germany it takes 10 hours by train… I do get restless after 4-5 hours, but Ninja is so relaxed and does not bother…
He knows we are going to do something fun and that is what he is patiently looking forward, to 😊
He is going to have a few really nice days… Same hopefully goes for You, crossing my fingers 😊😊


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  1. It must be so nice to have such a well behaved dog in transports. All the dogs I knew were afraid of trains and buses, so they got very agitated.

  2. My dog has started getting under the seats on the bus without any encouragement he’s so excited to be travelling

  3. @ninja.vom.wolfstor this is a Siberian husky? Looks much leaner and lengthier

  4. That is so cool. Last year we travelled by rail from Innsbruck to Vienna, and I enjoyed the rail experience. So lucky you can take your pets with you. Can I ask what you do with Ninja if you need to take a bathroom break, or if Ninja needs a bathroom break?

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