Buffaloes are grazing in the pasture next to the house. An electric fence protec...

Buffaloes are grazing in the pasture next to the house. An electric fence protec…

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Buffaloes are grazing in the pasture next to the house. An electric fence protects them//us.
Usually Ninja does not stray from the path, just today a spot directly under the fence must have smelled so good that he just had to sniff it out.
However Ninjas ears touched the fence and while I was pulling him back I heard the buzzing sound and a yelp.
He pounced back to the road and continued to yelp. He then changed to look really angered, raised his neckline up and eventually growled at the buffaloes.
At first I was a bit worried that he would link this to me, or to Kaihu… But fortunately he thinks Buffaloes are dangerous and will keep even more a distance.
Yeah, I am a bit torn about the situation, I dislike when Ninja gets hurt, especially as I can imagine that the ears are especially sensitive for pain.
I told him hundreds of times to stay away and pulled him away.
This limits my sympathy a little 😉
On the way back Ninja appeased the Buffaloes, walked on the other side on the road as far away from the fence as possible.
Kaihu also had experience with electric fence and does not dare to get close… unless there is an interesting smell or possibly a mouse… Then all the respect is suddenly forgotten?
Do you feel sorry for Ninja? Did it happen to your dog? How does your dog react to an electric fence or it’s periodic buzzing?


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  2. My 2 decided to ignore me while out walking they heard, smelled something and went up to fence. Ruby got shocked on back of her neck, jumped through the fencing (shocked again) and she ran into the marsh. While I was soothing her and held fence open to get her back out, Bones (long leashed) wanted to help, ran up to fence to greet her & got shocked and yanked away as she came out, and she got shocked again on tail. She remembers that stretch of walk since so very wary. The cries were the worst part. Not sure Bones does. No injuries. Like yourself, told leave/wait but ignored me so little less sympathy.

  3. My German Shepherd puppy wears an electric collar because he doesnt always like to listen, his play drive is so high i have lots more training to do with him.

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