F.A.Q.: 3) „How do You look, Michael?”
As a kid I hated my face. I have a birt...

F.A.Q.: 3) „How do You look, Michael?” . As a kid I hated my face. I have a birt…

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F.A.Q.: 3) „How do You look, Michael?”
As a kid I hated my face. I have a birthmark on my cheek and – while I was always an outsider due to Asperger – it also visibly marks me as being different from everyone. People were mocking me and I always avoided cameras because I felt ugly as f%&@.
I used the appalling effect of the birthmark in combination with a very serious face and piercing gaze – as a bulwark – helps to weed out those, who can`t free themselves of the opinions of others and hide the many qualities I have.
Maybe that is why I love dogs, they do not judge you by your appearance, but how you act.
It was my first partner Tina who showed me that I was worthy of love and I still love her for looking for the human behind the defacement. I was always loved for my character and what people outside the relationship thought was never important.
“If it makes you happy, it does not have to make sense to others!”
Focusing on inner qualities, I aimed to become a kind- and good-hearted person who cares about the people around me, helps where it is needed, even if it is e.g. just lifting the heavy bottles of water into the shopping cart of strange old man in the supermarket. Kindness goes a long way and brings happiness, opens doors…
“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”
Instagram is a superficial place, where we show our beautiful side and showcase the mask we wear. This is why I avoided posting a picture from me. I am older than the average, chubby with grey(ish) hair. That is not what the majority – not necessarily You – wants to see…
For a quick test I set up my camera, with crazy hair, unshaven, in an old shirt… but that is how I look, how I walk around… The picture with its mix between serious face and the tiny smirk and smile in the eyes. It does resemble exactly the point where the observer decides which path to take… and I like the idea of that.
Today is my birthday. This is my present for You!
If you have something nice to say, I would certainly like to hear.


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