Heatwave is incoming, so we are aiming to walk shadowy forests, maybe a little h...

Heatwave is incoming, so we are aiming to walk shadowy forests, maybe a little h…

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Heatwave is incoming, so we are aiming to walk shadowy forests, maybe a little higher up with a cool breeze and a small creek 🌲🏞️
Tomorrow we will head to the Black Forest to pick up more food and I really want another lens.
You mostly see Ninja in 4×5 crop here, but I love the wider 3×2 versions on these pictures a lot more. I will post this as a story in wide so you can see the difference. I mean shots like this are nice, but Ninja could stand anywhere as only a tiny fraction of the background is visible.
I have run into problems when taking pictures in tight spaces and on mountain-tops but you do not see much of the landscape and I think the harmony between Ninja in his (natural) landscape gets a bit lost.
This spot for example was in a beautiful dark for tree forest, with a few patches of light here and there. The portrait is nice and Sharon, but you can’t see much of the forest. If I go back 20 yards I can see more of the forest, but Ninja would also be tiny.
So I will try out a new lens tomorrow.
I have read reviews all day and am certain that it will be a good choice 😊
It is so warm, the dogs hardly want to go out. Usually they come to my room for some pats and attention and then we go outside together. They will sit on their observation post and look out for passerbys. Eventually they will go back inside for a nap.
Now that it is so warm, they come and ask to get out, but as I open the door to the heat outside they will return and stay inside on the cool tiles. Just in the early morning the dogs will go out, lay in the sun for a couple of minutes before asking to get back inside.
Huskies are well adapted to summer heat. They have a top coat and an undercoat. In winter the undercoat will be thick and keep them warm, even below freezing temperatures. In summer they will drop their undercoat and will cope a lot better with the heat.
We brush out the undercoat of our dogs There is no need to shave your double coated dog. They need their top coat.
We pay attention to have cool spots and water when we go walk the dogs and we do not let them “work”.


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  2. He looks so puppy-like in this photo. His face just looks so rounded and sweet.

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