It is know that Ninja makes happy... It is also known that Ninja does not do thi...

It is know that Ninja makes happy… It is also known that Ninja does not do thi…

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It is know that Ninja makes happy… It is also known that Ninja does not do things by halves 😆😋
This was pretty much 4 years ago by the day and it makes me chuckle each time I look at the picture.
I have a wide selection of people that loved to get kissed by Ninja and got a bit more as they bargained for.
I know exactly that it is going to happen and can have the camera ready 😆 (No worries I warn people in advance and it hey are totally not up for it, I know how to avoid the situation)
I do not know how it feels for others, but for me – I do not really like Ninja slobber on my face – it starts out, knowing that dogs need to be able to express their affection, trying to endure the situation. But then you realize that the tongue is warm and longer than you expected… You will start to chuckle and be overwhelmed by the intensity… You will try to keep him at a distance and realize how strong Ninja is. You will start to laugh madly which Ninja will use to try to stick his tongue in your mouth 😆
The past week has been pretty busy… I have been trying to fix my website and needed up moving it to a new provider. I really dislike strato been using them since 1998 and plesk since 2004 so there was a lot of old problems that were carried on from upgrade to upgrade… Support was nowhere to be found, one just blamed the other. I finally did not and dumped them both and am still converting everything to a new site.
We also have been in the Jura last evening a mountain region in Switzerland where we will most likely move to next year. So it was my first scouting if the area. If you have any advice what places to check out, let me know 😊 We have a few nice story pictures from last evening.


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  2. I just love the second picture cause it was so spontaneous and honest ❤️ miss you Michael. Looking forward to visit you after this whole corona stuff

  3. He’s so wonderful! I would love this experience!! ❤️❤️❤️

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