Last night I posted a video of Roja in a red suit and got many reactions to it. …

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Last night I posted a video of Roja in a red suit and got many reactions to it.
The suit is actually not a joke. It is a snow suit made for dogs.
When Nordic breeds go into the snow their fur is made for that kind of weather. It keeps them well isolated and warm… They can even ( if they had the chance to grow their undercoat ) sleep in the snow. If snow falls it will fall on top of them and they will slowly be covered by snow.
Other breeds are made for other reasons… Roja is a King’s Poodle and they have a special fur… It keeps growing and never falls off…. While having a husky means to have the carpet covered in fur when he sheds ( and in-between 😉 ), having a poodle means that there won’t be hair in the house. Instead you need to shave the poodle occasionally because the hair keeps growing.
Their fur is also not made for being outside in the snow. Snow will stick to the hair at the legs, at the chest and she might tear out her hair when she moves with large balls of snow on her.
Hypothermia is also a problem.
An easy fix for that is to use the snow suit she wore in the story picture and to use some boots.
This way she can enjoy dashing around in the snow with the rest of the pack.
This morning we have been bike-jöring through the forest. While Ninja did not pull uphill, he really enjoyed dashing full speed on even grounds and downhill.
We have let Hadez ( @kaihu_und_hadez ) and Ninja pull together and they have become a great team.


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