Once in an Asterix and Obelix Comic I read that "after the rain comes the sun" (...

Once in an Asterix and Obelix Comic I read that “after the rain comes the sun” (…

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Once in an Asterix and Obelix Comic I read that “after the rain comes the sun” (Was it ‘the Seer’?) and this is certainly true for today…
With a bit of luck I will be heading out to the Black Forest in a bit.
Sorry, Rant starting.
I mean, I have been an @amazon customer for more more than 20 years (1999). A few weeks back I ordered a Good camera Flash from Amazon. mean it is nice and convenient, but in the past years scamming became more and more popular.
I had to complain regularly about the deliveries. Unsafe, cheap copies, vanished deliveries.
But Amazon also shows some very immoral behaviour (You can easily find documentaries on their shady business practices).
I started to support local businesses and had very good experience. I mean, why would I support the richest people on earth, when the people near me are in dire need?
But this Godox Flash I needed it really quick. So I bit in the sour apple…
When it arrived I noticed that the color filters were missing. A bit of research showed that this seller had (on a low number of sales) several bad reviews on incomplete oders. One of the reviews said that the seller has various names on Amazon, so a few negative reviews won’t bother them.
Why does Amazon let this go?
Amazon said that they could not help me, I should contact the seller and the seller (Summay-EU) has no means of contact. Their site sends me to Amazon support. Great.
I also wrote @godox but they did not even bother to reply various means of contacting their support.
Had no high hopes other than they could have contacted their reseller to make certain that future sales would not taint their brand name further or, in worst case, simply don’t care.
Amazon could have offered a gift code or something then I could have gotten the filters elsewhere.
But now it feels totally annoying, I feel scammed will certainly look for a different brand of flashes and avoid Amazon even more.
Imagine buying a new car and missing a steering wheel while the seller who just took 60000 from you, tells you to contact BMW…
Imagine buying a coffee machine without a heating unit and no one feels responsible about it…

/rant over, sorry


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  1. Sigh. When this has happened to me, I return the item. But yes. This happens more and more often.

  2. Hope you two still enjoy the day! And hopefully you get to the bottom of it and there comes a solution!

  3. In cases like this the best thing to do is post the names of these scam vendors and let word of mouth do the what Amazon refused to do.

  4. I have been reading that kind of things about Amazon. It’s very annoying that nobody seems to care. Can’t you give it back and ask for your money?

  5. Message for everyone: STOP. SUPPORTING. AMAZON. Bezos does not need your money, and his online supply chains are eroding the fabric of local economies by pooling all the money to him and his execs, as well as China. If you can’t purchase a product without Amazon, then you don’t need it.

  6. Ich hatte von Anfang an ein ungutes Gefühl bei Amazon…hab noch nie dort bestellt. Werde ich wohl auch nicht in Zukunft. Ich muss aber zu geben, schon so manches Mal kurz davor gewesen zu sein. Weil es Sachen gab, die ich in meiner Nähe nicht bekommen hätte. Habe auch kein Problem damit, wo anders 5 Euro mehr zu zahlen…ich drücke dir die daumen, das du dein fehlendes Teil noch irgendwie bekommst

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