One of the problems here is the display ratio of pictures. At first, it was only...

One of the problems here is the display ratio of pictures. At first, it was only…

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One of the problems here is the display ratio of pictures. At first, it was only possible to upload square pictures to Instagram and only in recent years they allowed different format pictures. Typical photography is wide format which ich displayed only as small as a thumbnail and get overlooked quickly and reduced engagement.
The optimal aspect ratio for pictures is 4×5, 1080px wide and 1350px tall. This will make your picture cover most of the screen, you will feel closer to the subject and is the kind of picture users interact with the most. The problem is that if I compose a picture, e.g. today’s picture. I love having Ninja on the little dam, framed by the trees, but it does not fit on a 4×5 picture and the magic of the scenery gets cut off.
Yesterday’s picture, looks amazing as a wide picture, but does not work as 4×5 version. So I was looking for a solution, that would not require a paid program, an additional workflow. Now it gets a bit technical.
1. I installed Imagemagick (a very powerful Open Source picture manipulation program) into D:ToolsImageMagick
2. and use my usual software to export the picture in 8×5 (two 4×5 pictures wide) or 12×5 for very wide pictures and keep the short edge to 1350px
3. I create a batch file using the Texteditor e.g. “slice_into_2.bat” and to use Imagemagick to slice the picture in 2
4. D:ToolsImageMagickconvert “%~dpnx1” -crop 2×1@ +repage +adjoin “%~dpn1_%d.jpg”
5. I create a link to this file in the sendto folder (C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo) use your own “username”
6. using a right-click on my exported pano, the “send to” -> “slice_into_2” will create 2 files that will fit seamless into Instagram
This works for me quick and convenient. Just one export, a right click and transfer the files to the phone 🙂
Which version is your favorite? picture 1, 2 & 3, or 4? Do you understand why #4 does not work on IG? I am not convinced that 2 & 3 work, but at least I can add it as additional option, so you can see the whole scene instead of just a tiny part. If you like more technical stuff there is a still a bit more I can discuss 🙂


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  2. I like the combination of all of them. This way you have the wide view and the closeups/details as well

  3. Mine is the 4th one. It feels like you’ve suddenly came face to face with a wolf in the middle of the forest ☺️

  4. I think 4 is the best as well. I’d like to better understand why you think it doesn’t work for ig. When I am scrolling I prefer seeing the 4th to the 2nd and 3rd.

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