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Ninja, further training at the Horses

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The training at the horses slowly pays off. Of course, unleashed he would not stay with me, YET. But I see the amazing progress. Before the training he ignored any form of commands and would rush with his full power to the horses without hesitation. now he lays still and more or less accepts commands. Towards the end, he runs …

Sunny Sunday Forest Walk

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It was especially nice to walk with Ninja today. It was sunny, but not too warm and the forest was pretty much empty. We were practicing commandos which I neglected a bit. This is my favorite part of the Lenneberg Forest.

Ninja sleeping …

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What a day, it is very hot and I wanted to spend the evening playing some <redacted>. So I sat down to pat my dog and this is what I got. Ninja fell asleep and I did not dare to move. He is such a good boy.

Secret spanish Love

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Meet Fine, my secret spanish love! She came to Germany as Rescue Dog and lives with a friend and Rudi, another Border Collie. She is jsut amazing <3

Eis für warme Tage

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Hunde können Temperaturen ab 28° nicht mehr durch hecheln ausgleichen und brauchen zusätzliche Kühlung, z.B. durch Verdunstung oder dem Liegen auf kühlen Flächen (Fliesen, aufgebuddelte Erde). Bei Temperaturen von deutlich über 30° helfe ich meinem Hund mit einem Eis.

Michael and his Fanclub!

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In general I have a way with dogs. Often I do something unexpected or surprise them, so they are interested in what is happening next. These dogs are probably the ones that like me most in our group.

Nice summer walk

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It is so nice to see how Ninja and me became a team over the past couple of months. Having lived more than 2 years with his pack of 15+ Huskies he wasn’t really used to pay attention to humans.