So many things to do... while at the end of the day you wonder what you have acc...

So many things to do… while at the end of the day you wonder what you have acc…

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So many things to do… while at the end of the day you wonder what you have accomplished 😂
You do something here and there and all of a sudden it is becoming dark and you can’t but think about the work that still lies ahead… I have such a bad conscience about the probably 500 messages here alone I still have to answer and really wish the days would be longer.
So I try to find at least an hour each day to answer messages, before they expire.
It seems as if there is no end to it and I want to apologize for being unable to catch up at the moment.
A lot of very heartfelt and personal messages arrived when I talked about my Asperger Diagnosis… and I feel bad that I have been unable to properly reply, to most of them yet. I just want to tell you that I really do appreciate every single message and intent to reply in time.
Even Ninja came a bit short the past days, I’ll upload his “you are still at the computer/phone”-stare in a story after I am done here. He does it more proficient than any woman in my life ever could 😂
He is always patient and eventually come to lay aside me till I am done.
When I turn the Monitor off there is a little beep. This is Ninja’s sign. he will instantly get up and hop right into the bed and ask for some cuddles 🤗🐺❤️
Not sure if You can relate 😊


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  2. Oh goodness!!!! Cant wait to see the stair of techo jealousy!!! Lol!! My bordercollie just pounces on me and cries and barks loudly till i stop! Lol!! Ninja is so sweet!!❤

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t think people post to your page to receive a reply. I think they have something they wish you to hear. Spend your time being calm and serene with this stunning animal in your beautiful part of the world and be happy. ❤️

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