Tabledance aka Obedience on a Table!

Tabledance aka Obedience on a Table!

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I was pretty startled to see the sudden growth on this channel. For a few years I tried to grow this channel, but when I had like 10000 times more success on Instagram I kind of abandoned this channel.

So I was amazed that quite a few of you subscribed here either way. Thank you very much, I really appreciate that 🙂
Since I have not uploaded this video here, yet I figured I could re-edit this video to thank you for your subscription 🙂

Now a few words about Ninja. Ninja is a pure bred Siberian Husky. He combines several rare husky traits in a single dog, which makes his appearance quite unique.
He is large, has a slim stature with a narrow chest, has amber eyes, a wolf grey coat (a diluted form of agouti, which bands white, grey, black instead of beige, brown, black).
His breeder retired, but if you are looking for this kind of huskies, half his pedigree is from Polar Speed, which is a working line of huskies that needs a lot of exercise. The same bloodline has been used in the creation of the Tamaskan Breed.
Ninja is not my first husky and I have more than 23 years of experience with this breed. When my previous Husky died, Ninjas previous human passed away. While it was a sad start, we quickly bonded and became companions. At the start I rewarded every bit of attention he gifted me. Even more so I raised my value by hiding treats, when he did not pay attention and then help him find them… In the grass beside the path, in tree bark, etc… so he made a lot of good experiences working “together”.
Each day we did tricks for food for about 5 minutes. This may not sound like a lot, and honestly everyone could find the time to do this (I am not judging, I know how it is 🙂 ) But over a week, a month, a quarter or a year this is an awful lot of time of training.
This kind of training always ends before it becomes “boring” and is more a game and interaction between us than obedience using a playful voice. Ninja enjoys doing this and this is what makes this and other videos happy.
I am usually more interested in doing photography more than videos, but if you give me support here I might start “vlogging” on our daily lives. No clue if people are really interested in this.
My video editing is truly far from perfect, but I am a quick learner 🙂

Thanks for watching

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