Thank You for Your patience 
We have been doing fine, the dogs more than mysel...

Thank You for Your patience . We have been doing fine, the dogs more than mysel…

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Thank You for Your patience ❤️
We have been doing fine, the dogs more than myself as I cannot cope with the heat very well. We go hike nearly every day and I look for places high up, or close to water,for a cool breeze or cooling water. While our polar dogs are well suited for the summer ( they lose all their undercoat ) they also do not like to go out in the heat of the day.
This, and that everything is slowly returning to normal here, is screwing with my daily routines and that is difficult for me to adjust to.
We have been hiking a lot, but neither the dogs not me had a lot of patience to make pictures.
I do not want to make Ninja pose when he does not feel like it as it would only cause stress and disharmony which eventually results in bad pictures.
As you can see we have been enjoying many cool places and we’re playing around with our drone. There is a learning curve, ad I have never been a videographer and have to relearn handling, color grading, cutting, etc…
Honestly I thought it would be a lot easier to get adjusted to. Payed a little more for the “most advanced drone”, but there is no ND filer ( for cinematic motion ), tracking does not work at all with our dog, many flight modes are just horrible and awkward to use… Feels like beta testing the thing for now…
Anyway, we are back to hiking the Black Forest and Northern Switzerland. Soon the building of the new house will start and in Mid-August we will be back in Mainz for some time.
There is a lot of messages I still have to answer, and I will catch up soon. Glad to be back.
If you have questions or comments leave them below.
By the way are You interested in such footage?
It is difficult to coordinate the dogs and the drone and time them well, If You want to, you are welcome to join us, just let me know via DM.



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