The Aspect Ratio is not the only issue when uploading pictures. The low resoluti...

The Aspect Ratio is not the only issue when uploading pictures. The low resoluti…

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The Aspect Ratio is not the only issue when uploading pictures. The low resolution on Instagram comes with it’s own problems.
When you look at the first picture, the one that jump-started my career here on IG a few years back, it does look nice as a posture, but all the details that I can see while editing pictures are gone.
The fur, the whiskers, the eyes, they look like areas more than details… So, when I develop the pictures on my laptop, they look amazing, just to realize that a picture that looks amazing in large does not work on Instagram, because all the fine details are not visible 😕
Also the second picture, which is a hooked in from the first, needed to be brightened by 25% or it would have turned out too dark.
While my laptop is calibrated for color, my phone is not… So t times I notice a weird color cast that is not present on the Original picture and I wonder if I should correct the colors of my phone so that phones of the same brand display the picture correctly, but may at the same time add more issues to other brands of mobile phone screens.
I was looking for this picture, because a shop used this picture to sell printed jackets and my lawyer wanted to be certain that I was actually using the correct picture. I did not like my old edit and re-edited the picture again… Then I zoomed in and was blown away by my beautiful Ninja… God I love this face so much… At times it takes pictures like this to remind me of how beautiful he really is to me.
I have to go and gently rub his mane as soon as I finish this post…
Again, people ask me for my.thought process behind the pictures and tools and tricks I do to edit the pictures and I like to share these thoughts, because maybe you find it interesting to hear…. Which is your favorite today? If you just want to express your thoughts on Ninjas beauty I like to hear that as well 😊
Also if you want to join us on our hike in southern Black Forest or around Mainz, write me a DM, maybe we can arrange something.


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  2. He is so beautiful! I have the same issue with my girl, Fable. She’s gorgeous and sometimes I forget how beautiful she is until I’m randomly looking at her while she’s in a beam of sunlight and it’s like wow…you are so gorgeous.

    Really like hearing your thought process on editing photos, and the different sizes and examples of the same photo, and how insta affects them. Extremely insightful and interesting!

  3. Always love your pics !!! Very breathtaking. Ninja is a natural !!

  4. I found it so interesting, thanks for sharing! He looks gorgeous either way though!

  5. I hear you. I just started with editing and totally get what you are saying. So much is lost, and sadly, most people just see these on their phone and cannot truly appreciate the full resolution photo. I enjoy these “behind the photo” details.

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