This is another capture from last week's hike in Austria's beautiful Silbertal.

This is another capture from last week’s hike in Austria’s beautiful Silbertal. …

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This is another capture from last week’s hike in Austria’s beautiful Silbertal.
We were almost alone as the summer wanderers left the area. On a 5 hour hike we met only a lonely hunter who passed us in a car.
The morning the sun gave us beautiful lights and deep shadows and you all know how I like the theme… I think it took us a few hours to reach the waterfall, because I stopped at each tree to take pictures….many pictures… from the left, from the right, from the top, and the bottom, a bit slanted… 😂 and my super patient model Ninja was there to help…
Often I am surprised how patient he stands on a spot and waits for me… sometimes 10 or 15 minutes… in a unknown forest with lots of game around… can’t believe how far we have come over the years.
We started this like every dog owner… a few breathtaking seconds without leash in a quiet corner of the forest with no bushes… but step by step, day by day this got extended…
I am so proud of him ❤


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  1. I love how you trained him! I did it the same way.
    The woods here in Rockanje are very small compared to those in Germany and Austria. I recently bought a cabin in the German forest, but I’m not sure if I should let the dogs run off-leash when hiking. It’s so big. They all have great recall and are very well trained et… but still. But then I think of you and Ninja and I’m like: yes, why not!! ☺️

  2. (Ps : Et = etc.
    And the cabin is for holidays, I’m not moving of course.)

  3. Unschlagbares Team. Ninja ist bestimmt ebenso stolz auf dich. Da haben sich zwei gefunden und die Basis für alle Erfolge findet man nur in der Ehrlichkeit des Herzens.

  4. @judithvissernl You can have one offleash to see how it works, he won’t leave the others… then two… and switch the dog you leashed…

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