Tomorrow we might get to this beautiful place in the Silbertal, Austria.
I am al...

Tomorrow we might get to this beautiful place in the Silbertal, Austria. I am al…

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Tomorrow we might get to this beautiful place in the Silbertal, Austria.
I am almost positive that I might join Frank @kaihu_und_hadez for the trip.
There is a little secluded hut near the end of the valley, where the dogs may roam free… just some woods – the ones you can see here – and the mountains are behind us.
A landslide went down at the other side and a little creek is trickling down… the bottom of the valley has a wild river ( at least the last time we had been there, not sure if there is much left of it now )
It would be really nice to be there, just won’t be able to hike a lot yet, my lungs are working better, but they also are far from full strength. I can imagine that even smaller hikes in this picturesque landscape will be amazing… just laying there in the cool grass with Ninja at my side…
The cabin itself is what you imagine a typical mountain cabin to be… made of wood, a fireplace/stove that makes even cold winter days cozy warm… and you just long to grab some of that hot tea/coffee.
I expect it to be a lot cooler than down here, but I like that… I always have warm hands and feet 😊😊
This sounds too lovely to miss out on the opportunity, doesn’t it?
Do You have plans for the weekend? Would you like to be at such a place or are you more the beach-type?


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  1. Hey ich mache Musik und wollte fragen, ob ich ein Foto von Ninja als Cover nehmen darf, würde auch zu meinem Namen passen haha Tolles Bild..!

  2. @levi_the_australianshepherd In der Schweiz übernachte ich beim Halter von Hadez und in Österreich in seiner Hütte ^^

  3. @levi_the_australianshepherd es gibt auf FB eine Gruppe Rudelurlaub mit Hund und ähnliche dort findet man immer mal was

  4. @viviruppel Thank You I will always try to deliver the best content I can

  5. @rachaelxclarkex I envy you… I read a book that totally made me want to visit Scotland such a beautiful landscape

  6. @rizanindra Indeed… full of power… all the body tension ready to release

  7. @emmievhoudt Thank You Emmie, wish You and Darko a fun week end

  8. @sunnysam6319 We like the see, too… but prefer the woods and hills… these mountains are fun exception to the usual. Wish You and Sam a great week end

  9. @sekaczek I would very much like to hike at the other side of the ocean… just not without Ninja… and I would not trust an airline with my dog

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