We do currently have no snow... a year ago however it was different... so I use ...

We do currently have no snow… a year ago however it was different… so I use …

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We do currently have no snow… a year ago however it was different… so I use this Throwback Thursday to show an older snow picture while we are looking forward to the first real snow.
We are often not alone… most of the time we go walk with friends. In the back you can see Ninjas son @kaihu_und_hadez you may have heard of him before 😂 once or twice.
I get a lot of weird requests of people who want to meet us, and most of the meetings we had turned out really fun. I always try to get to know the people and find it interesting, especially if they are different from me… no matter where they are from.
With Frank however he became my best friend over the past 4 years and was always there for me. It all started with a crazy message… it turned out that we are the same kind of crazy…
We supported each other and he was there for me when I was sick this summer.
There are like 3 people I would trust to properly take care of Ninja. I asked him and he drove across half Germany to take care of Ninja. Thank You Frank for being my friend 🤗
Slowly I am feeling better again, my lungs work good. I do not smoke btw, I would really dislike to throw so much money out of the window and buy gummy bears instead!
The guy that wrote the odd message apologized by the way… I think that takes some spine as well. Thank You.


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  1. What nini means? You Say it to ninja, or is just a nickname? We love your pictures!

  2. @alexx.Thank You, slowly cutting down medicine and looking hoe it goes 😀

  3. @megan__friesen His days are with me and awesome! 😀 Well I try my best to make them as nice as possible 🙂

  4. @eklliker72 Danke Elisabeth, wann kommst Du uns eigentlich mal wieder besuchen? 🙂 Ist jetzt schon 3 Jahre her? 🙂

  5. @rafdesquitado Thank You 🙂 He is a great guy 🙂 And yes, I am fgeeling better and am almost back to normal 🙂

  6. @tanzkartoffel Really, did I? 🙂 I love these pictures too… We are usually not alone 🙂

  7. @farrahmesium I like the gummy Frogs to be precise and Cherries 😀

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