Yesterday we met  a hike at the 
While it we had already spring temperatures a...

Yesterday we met  a hike at the  . While it we had already spring temperatures a…

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Yesterday we met @yuna_moonmoon for a hike at the #schluchsee
While it we had already spring temperatures at home, the Schluchsee was just above freezing temperature and there was still snow left on the shadowy sides of the hills.
The sun however fellt really good and some people were even getting their first tan with shorts and no T-Shirt.
Ninja nd Yuna were very happy to see each other again and played a little together before we walked along the shore. Of course we kept the distance to all the many people that had the same idea, but eventually we moved a bit away into the forest.
Yuna and Ninja had a fun time together but did not play all that much today, sadly because I had been looking forward to take some pictures.
They were curious and had a lot of interest together which makes me happy to see Ninja (and Yuna of course) having a great time.
I have included the drive through the Albtal, becaus eI really love that part of the road… It is my favorite road and sometimes I like to walk in the area, just so I have a reason for a ride 😊
I posted the whole video to
Where I would love to showcase more video content. It is a new account and I want to do somw different stuff there.
The video… I had been practicing to do better transitions and some work better than others but overall I am quite happy how it tuurned out to be and can streamline my work process much better. What did you like? What not?
Thanks for the feedback.
Wish you a happy start into the week and hope you had a great weekend. What did You do❓


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